Spotify Windows Phone 8 application launches

Our greatest criticism of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform will be the lack of 3rd party apps available, only one of the most broadly wanted has just been launched. Spotify for Windows Phone 8 is an easy, smartly designed application which offers access to all your music playlists.

The Spotify application naturally follows the conventional Windows Phone 8 interface theme. Large, clean fonts are set against an easy background, though not like the Windows Phone 8 UI itself, there is no choice to change this to a darker background.

The live tile that includes the application is a nice touch and it can be resized to small, medium and huge. When set to medium and huge sizes, the tile flips and screens current album art for just about any tracks you are presently playing.

The main menus of Spotify for Windows Phone screens a search box and permits one touch access to your playlists, any play queues, your pals list and settings. The second is a standard affair you are able to choose to access the application in offline only mode, stream or sync in top quality and set whether you need to be able to stream over a 3G/4G network.

Swiping from the right of the primary menu scrolls with the ‘What’s new’ menu, which exhibits a selection of new tracks or albums which have been added to the Spotify service. Tapping on the album art icon will require you into that album or track and you may add these to a playlist or reveal them via Facebook, SMS or email. One significant absence is the radio function, which permits premium subscribers to enjoy music that’s chosen based on comparable tastes.

Overall, we discovered the Spotify application smooth and practical throughout testing, although it crashed a rare occasions during use. This occurred more than once whenever we were trying to download tracks to our phone. Irritatingly, the application has to remain open when downloading tracks to your mobile phone, so this process can’t be finished in the background.