Spotify desktop version already incorporates Musixmatch lyrics service

Phone with desktop computers are different, more limited built-in storage capacity, so use Spotify streaming music is common, but is also useful for the desktop version if you wish to look at the words of this update.



Spotify users desktop integration services from Musixmatch lyrics, but it will only show up all the lyrics so simple, but also know how to sing along with the singer and follow the relevant paragraphs displayed; it wants to start, then press Play Timeline the right of the “Lyrics” button. In addition, Spotify says we can more easily explore concerned friends lists and favorite singer played Friend Feed, among others.

There beside the more important is the addition of a daily update of the music charts, the data is based on the number of users around the sharing of music may be. Finally, Spotify pointed out in batches on the update pushed to users computer in a few weeks, have not received, do not worry.

Ubuntu/Mint  install  Spotify