Spotify closes its online music store


A brand new page on the Spotify site, “Changes to the net store”, lays out that the program will no more be “offering download purchases”, as observed by Pocket-lint. Anyone who has downloaded songs and would like to redownload them can, and if there is a gift card you have not used yet then you’ll be permitted to use it up before it expires. Nevertheless, it seems like it’s no longer available to new customers at all, although the “get track” option still seems alongside the tracks displayed in its library.

Since its release Spotify has let customers purchase DRM-free MP3s of the most of its song catalogue, a program which was originally supplied by 7Digital but replaced in May 2011 by one built in-house by Spotify. At that time it seemed that Spotify was seeking to take on iTunes as a music store, having a redesign of the program user interface that emphasised its capability to act as a hub its someone’s music files.

The advantages of downloading from Spotify, rather than streaming, were intended to be in convenience — customers can transfer their files to other products without hassle, and there seemed to be a bulk discount for purchasing several songs at once. It’s not clear, though, regardless of whether that freedom was a reasonable incentive for people to spend over the costs of a Spotify streaming membership.

Spotify spokesperson Alison Bonney told “We lately updated Spotify to additional simplify the program and pave the way for additional features announced following last year. In-app purchases aren’t thing about this update but we’re not ruling out their return. Credits/gift cards currently purchased are still redeemable.”

Digital music sales keep growing at a healthy rate in the UK, without or with Spotify. Based on the Entertainment Retailers Association, digital sales of music, films and games broke the mark the very first time in 2012,15.1 percent rise on last year’s sales. Spotify keeps growing, too, announcing in December 2012 that it has greater than five million paid subscribers globally out of 20 million energetic users.