Spotify Boost its iOS app and Add ‘Discover’ Feature

Spotify improved its iOS application today with new functions and many improvements.

Wrapped in a new logo, the update consists of reordered search tabs, a various place for the context menu button, and a few of fresh services.
Most notable is the new Discover page, which released on the Web in late May, and is now accessible to iPhone users; it will roll out to all users soon, Spotify said.

Discover provides personalized song and playlist suggestions according to your favorite music, “by seamlessly combining Spotify’s best-in-class technology and social programs with curated articles from music experts,” such as Pitchfork, Songkick, Tunigo, and other people, the company said in May.

Users will get new suggestions every day, such as new album releases from artists you follow, and all of the music and playlists shared by friends. The page also alerts customers when their preferred artists are coming to town.

Spotify’s iOS application now features a “shiny, new” Now Playing view, featuring the Up Next queue on iPhone a feature that will additionally reach everyone soon.
If that weren’t enough to help you out, the iOS program features a few bug fixes, as well. Ford integration now works when an iPhone or iPod is set to a language besides English. And the playlist folders’ All Tracks choice now displays the actual quantity of tracks.
“We sorted plenty of crash issues too,” the organization promised, adding that the unread messages in the inbox will right now update properly.
Spotify released in the U.S. 2 yrs ago. Users could select between three modes of listening: Free (ad-supported), Unlimited (ad-free for $4.99 per month), or Premium (“all the music, at all times,” as well as offline mode, for $9.99 each month).
The iOS software is presently accessible for free in the Apple iTunes Store.