Do you want to enjoy your favored Spotify songs when you are off-line during the vacation? Are you thinking of burning CD from Spotify so that you can play it on your car? Well, this article will show you the best ways to do it with couple of clicks.

It is definitely a problem that you cannot download the Spotify songs and put it to CD even you got the Spotify premium. Why? I simply quote the official response from Spotify online forum:

 “To clarify, there aren’t any usage limits with a paid account, you can listen as much as you like. And you can sync up to 3,333 songs to any supported mobile device without having to pay anything extra. It’s just when burning to a CD that you’d need to purchase the tracks. Since we couldn’t verify your subscription was still active when the tracks get burnt to a CD we wouldn’t be able to unsync them if you stopped paying.

We also wouldn’t know how many times each track was played and be able to compensate the artists appropriately.”


Lots of Spotify uses encounter this trouble. All we wish to do is burn my Spotify songs to CD, we are not going to offer or share it to others. Fortunately, right here I got a easy to use software tool that can convert/download music from Spotify as MP3 files and then burn to CD with iTunes or any CD authoring software you like.

To download Spotify playlist you need a the Spotify recorder and it will help you to save Spotify songs to MP3 format.


1: Set up the Spotify Recorder

Just download the Spotify ripper and install it in your computer then run it.

 2: Record Spotify songs

Start the Spotify Recorder before you play Spotify songs. The Spotify Recorder will begin to work just when you play Spotify songs in the computer. And the recorder will stop recording when music playing is finished.

3: Import Spotify songs to iTunes

Simply click the “library“. You will see the whole copied songs listing in the user interface. Click “transfer to iTunes” button and the songs  will be transferred to your iTunes library.


Burn Spotify to CD with iTunes

  1. Put a blank CD to your computer CD-ROM.
  2. Simply click iTunes playlist and select “File”>”Burn Playlist to Disc”.
  3. You need to choose the disc format .You got 3 options here: “Audio CD MP3 CD”, “Data CD” or “DVD”.
  4. Press “Burn” button to start burning Spotify songs to CD.