The music-streaming program Spotify offers users a excellent way to share playlists with family and friends and to enjoy all the music they want from its premium program for a small fee every month. If you’re prepared to take your Spotify experience to the next level, although, take a look at these useful tips on how to track your preferred artists, save entire albums into a playlist, search by genre, and even discover a few playlists built by celebrities.

If you currently use Spotify, you could make the most of these tips right away. If you aren’t making use of Spotify yet, the tips may convince you to try it out. Be forewarned, nevertheless, that you can’t open any of the Spotify links in this slideshow until you’re a member of the program. Continue reading “Helpful tips for Spotify” »

Spotify, which provides unrestricted access to 20 million music if subscribers pay regular monthly fees of either £5 or £10, pays artists less than 0.4p per stream a song with a million plays would earn its performer just £3,800.

Yorke backed Nigel Godrich, Radiohead producer and part of Atoms For Peace, who released a series of Tweets targeting Spotify.

But Yorke’s stance made a riposte from Stephen Street, the award-winning producer of Blur and The Smiths. Street stated Radiohead had played their part in devaluing digital music by permitting fans to download their In Rainbows album free of charge in 2007.

Street, who made Blur’s Parklife album, stated on Twitter: Bit rich originating from Thom Yorke that Spotify doesn’t work for new artists. It’s just what I said when Radiohead made their album readily available for free/ pay what you prefer several years back. Continue reading “Top producer accuses Radiohead singer of Twitter hypocrisy” »

Godrich stated that “new artists earn money fuck all with this model”, saying that the debut Atoms For Peace album, Amok, was being taken from the program. Thom Yorke from the band also chipped in by tweeting, “Make no error new artists you find on Spotify will no earn money. at the same time shareholders will quickly being rolling in it. Simples.”

Spotify has replied by stating that by the end of this year, it will currently have paid out an estimated $1bn in whole to rights holders. “We’re 100% dedicated to making Spotify the the majority of artist-friendly music program possible, and are constantly speaking with artists and managers about how exactly Spotify could help build their careers,” it added in a statement. Continue reading “How can musicians earn money?” »

Spotify improved its iOS application today with new functions and many improvements.

Wrapped in a new logo, the update consists of reordered search tabs, a various place for the context menu button, and a few of fresh services.
Most notable is the new Discover page, which released on the Web in late May, and is now accessible to iPhone users; it will roll out to all users soon, Spotify said.

Discover provides personalized song and playlist suggestions according to your favorite music, “by seamlessly combining Spotify’s best-in-class technology and social programs with curated articles from music experts,” such as Pitchfork, Songkick, Tunigo, and other people, the company said in May. Continue reading “Spotify Boost its iOS app and Add ‘Discover’ Feature” »

Enjoying music is definitely popular with people, so it’s just normal for music to turn out to be more and more common in our lives as our technology for it develops. Having the number of smart phones and computers used on a daily basis right now, music has become more obtainable than ever before and very much a normal part of our lives. There are a lot of various ways that people could enjoy their tunes with phones and computers, and two of the most popular music applications, Spotify and Pandora, deliver their product using pretty different ways.

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Soundwave is the latest music discovery app to be launched for smartphones, with ambitions to assist fans share information of exactly what they’re hearing, and find new tracks and artists from buddies and tastemakers.

Launched today as a complimentary download for iPhone and for Android, it’s the most up to date in a long line of apps with similar functions, most of which have sunk without trace on the app shops. Even Twitter’s much-hyped Twitter # music app doesn’t seem to be catching on, so why is Soundwave different?

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It is reported that Apple is narrowing mobile ads down to major brands that will run campaigns with its streaming songs service (a la Pandora) and not through App Shop marketing messages.

Apple’s song service will be cost-free and ad-supported, individuals knowledgeable about the issue informed Bloomberg, and while it will be various from iTunes, the two will be carefully incorporated. One attribute will apparently be the ability to download a song played on iRadio.

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Spotify is a very popular website that allow you to listen to your favorite tracks onilne. While this new system for enjoying  music satisfies the need for tunes instantly, it doesn’t come without drawbacks.

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Today, Spotify, the music streaming service, revealed that it will be presenting a selection of brand-new functions that will improve and urge music discovery for its users. In the year and a half that Spotify has been offered in the UNITED STATE, it has actually altered the method individuals consume songs and own digital songs in the way that Netflix changed the method people look at possessing physical or digital copies of DVDS. Now it’s set to up the ante.

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The Commercial Journal reports that Google may introduce a streaming songs service to rival Spotify‘s as soon as today, possibly to coincide with the Google I/O conference that’s kicking off today and runs through Friday. Why now, out of the blue? I/O regardless of, the Diary’s sources declare Google has signed handle Sony Songs Home entertainment, Universal Songs Group and Warner Music Group for limitless access to “specific collections” of their songs catalogs

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