Helpful tips for Spotify

The music-streaming program Spotify offers users a excellent way to share playlists with family and friends and to enjoy all the music they want from its premium program for a small fee every month. If you’re prepared to take your Spotify experience to the next level, although, take a look at these useful tips on how to track your preferred artists, save entire albums into a playlist, search by genre, and even discover a few playlists built by celebrities.

If you currently use Spotify, you could make the most of these tips right away. If you aren’t making use of Spotify yet, the tips may convince you to try it out. Be forewarned, nevertheless, that you can’t open any of the Spotify links in this slideshow until you’re a member of the program.

1 Apply advanced search modifiers

Spotify’s search box might look a bit bare to the inexperienced eye, but there’s plenty that you can do with it if you know several tricks. Try adding the operator “year:2000-2005” to limit the date range, or the operator “genre:rock” to just search for a particular genre of music. Other operators you could apply include “track:”, “artist:”, and “album:”, and you could combine them together with AND/OR operators too.

2 Look for modifiers

Look for Spotify using modifiers to limit and refine your results. For instance, to look for Madonna’s 1983 output you get into “madonna year:1982”. You may also look for a range of years, such as this: “rolling stones year:1965-1972”. Other modifiers consist of “album”, “artist” and “genre”. These could be combined, for instance: “album:love artist:cult” only finds tracks from The Cult’s “Love”. Lastly, Boolean syntax may be used to exclude keywords, just like this: “genre:trip-hop NOT morcheeba”.

3 Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Save your time and mouse clicks by learning keyboard shortcuts you can use with Spotify. For instance, using the tab key can cycle through columns as the up and down arrows can cycle with the list of tracks. Press enter to play a track while it’s chosen and use the spacebar to pause or unpause the track.

Control the volume by keeping “CTRL” and using the up and down arrows and even skip to another song by holding “CTRL” and making use of the right and left arrow buttons. Holding “ATL” could be helpful as well, particularly in conjunction with the right and left arrow buttons which let you scroll through pages.

4 Link to part of a track

As initially cited on the Spotify blog, you could send friends a track URI with a time index embedded in it. Copy the Spotify URI and paste it in your email or message window, then edit the URI to add ‘#time’ to the end. For instance, if the track has a brilliant solo at 1:26, you append #1:26 to the end of the URI. You may also do this with HTTP links, but you will need to replace the hash tag “#” with “%23”.

5 Multiple versions

A lot of albums exist in multiple versions with various edits – and Spotify may have multiple listings for the same collection of tracks. As soon as this happens you are going to find a little arrow in the “Track” column of your own results. Press it to see all the instances of that track appearing on a various version of the album.