Five helpful Spotify Tips

Following the below Top Spotify Tips to help you get more out of Spotify. Here we go.

1. Import tracks and playlists
Don’t throw out all of those neglected MP3s just yet—Spotify can import everything in your iTunes or Windows Media Library so you can access these files in Spotify (it’s one of Spotify’s key advantages over Rdio). The import option is on the File menu, and once completed you’ll find all of your tracks listed under a Local Files heading in the navigation pane. If there’s a rare recording Spotify doesn’t have, or other gaps in its streaming library, then this is a great way to plug the holes. Local files can be synced to your mobile devices if you’re a Premium user ($10/month), and of course they reduce the strain on your internet connection too, because no streaming is required when they’re being played. Right-click on a local track and choose “Edit Info” to make changes to the file’s metadata.

2. Let friends contribute to playlists to expand your music knowledge base
Sharing is caring. Letting your friends collaborate with you on a playlist is a great way to bond over popular tracks and also learn about new ones. All you have to do is right-click on a playlist, hit “Collaborative Playlist,” and then share the link with a friend to let the magic begin.

3. Check for Fully-Sequenced Albums
When purchasing tracks from the MP3 store, it’s always worth checking for a fully sequenced version of the album. Some albums (especially DJ-mixed compilations) have both the individual tracks as well as the complete mix in one track available on Spotify. Since the price of a track is the same for a 1 second song as it is for an 80 minute one, this is a way to get more listening hours for your buck (as well as avoiding the lack of gapless playback on Spotify)

4. Expand Your Horizons
You may think it’s cool to listen to the same album over and over for hours, but you know what else is cool? Finding out about new and popular music using the tools available on Spotify that’s what. Clicking the “What’s New” category in the left column allows you to open up your mind and see what all the cool kids are listening to. The “What’s New” tab features new releases in the music world, the “Top Lists” shows the most popular tracks and albums from around the country, the world or even another country of your choice, and the “Feed” tab shows you what your friends are jamming to at the moment. Explore those tabs and find music, new and old, that you adore.

5. Get together with other artists
We have talked about how easy playlist compiling is but if you are only playlisting your own music you are missing a trick. Find other unsigned artists that you like. Start compiling listenable playlists featuring yours and their music, and they will do the same for you. This takes you from being on one or two playlists to double figures. Every playlist has an audience of potentially thouands. It adds up pretty quickly. You can suggest your playlist to friends easily.