New Features To Improve spotify’s users Tastes

Today, Spotify, the music streaming service, revealed that it will be presenting a selection of brand-new functions that will improve and urge music discovery for its users. In the year and a half that Spotify has been offered in the UNITED STATE, it has actually altered the method individuals consume songs and own digital songs in the way that Netflix changed the method people look at possessing physical or digital copies of DVDS. Now it’s set to up the ante.

Spotify is wonderful for individuals who have actually put in the time to tailor playlists or understand precisely the artist or tune they ‘d such as to hear, but Pandora Radio, a popular net radio service, still tops Spotify’s ability to advise music customized to your taste.

To help individuals find brand-new music Spotify is presenting a brand-new Discover tab that will provide artist suggestions. The service even discusses to you exactly why it thinks you will such as certain cds and tunes based on a variety of criteria and has a total biography and internet reviews of each tune or album.

Obtaining a page from Rdio, Spotify will also include a Follow function that makes the app more social. Individuals can follow friends, bands and stars and hear the same songs they’ve been hearing. The function appears very like Rdio’s Heavy Rotation function that makes songs a more social experience by assisting friends keep up with each other’s interests.

Also in the pipeline is the Collections feature that will replace playlists by bundling songs together into one mass, despite whether it’s by artist, track, or category, with Spotify offering up new track recommendations.

During the discussion Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek kept in mind that the variety of active Spotify users has double in the in 2012 to 20 million globally. Out of the total number of individuals, 5 million register for Spotify’s paid service, and 1 million of those users stay in the UNITED STATE, making Spotify the biggest streaming platform in the UNITED STATE