How to Avoid Spotify from Posting Every Song You Listen to on Facebook

Facebook lately integrated itself with Spotify, and right now posts every music you play on Spotify to Facebook for your friends to see.If you would like to keep your Justin Bieber obsession private, however, here’s how to turn off Spotify’s new Facebook functions.

To cover your currently playing music from the Facebook ticker, just go to Spotify’s Preferences and scroll down to the “Facebook” section. Uncheck the “Get personal suggestions by sending music you play to Facebook’s Open Graph” box, and that’syour music won’t show up anywhere on Facebook. It is not necessary to disconnect Spotify from Facebook, and no reason to wade around by Facebook’s privacy settings.

Certainly, if you think sharing your playing music with some, but not all, of your friends, simply go to Facebook’s Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites > Spotify, head to “App Activity Privacy”, and set it to whatever you prefer.